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SPEEK LYFE Movement, Inc

“seeks to create programming that engages youth in moral and spiritual development, through the use of creative arts, sports & life skills training.”


What We Do:

  • Empower and guide youth to make informed and positive life choices for their future.

  • Utilize sports, arts, and life skills training to educate and inspire young minds.

  • Conduct leadership workshops for ministries and organizations.

  • Provide platforms for youth to express themselves through media and music creation.

At SPEEK LYFE Movement Inc., our mission is clear: to actively instill purpose and values into the fabric of youth culture. We envision a generation driven by truth, integrity, servitude, and purpose. Our aim is to support and mentor today's youth, cultivating them into the leaders of tomorrow.

As a non-profit organization based in New York City, we deeply understand the challenges faced by inner-city youth on a daily basis. Hence, our tailored programs focus on educating and equipping young individuals. We craft engaging initiatives that are relevant and accessible to inner-city youth. By leveraging sports, media, and the arts, we successfully impart crucial life skills. Moreover, our programs provide a platform for youth to amplify their voices by teaching them how to create music, media, and art that reflect their unique stories.

Join us as we continue to create programs that educate, empower, and inspire youth while nurturing their talents in sports and the arts.


Current Organizations We Serve

George Washington Carver HS (Queens, NY), New Jerusalem Baptist Church (Queens, NY), Springfield Family Shelter (Queens, NY), Crossroads Detention Center (Brooklyn, NY), New Horizons Detention Center (Bronx, NY), Middle School 8 (Queens, NY), St. Christopher, Inc (Dobbs Ferry, NY), Children's Village (Dobbs Ferry, NY), PS/MS 105Q (Far Rockaway, NY), PS/MS 42Q (Far Rockaway, NY), The Brooklyn School for Math and Research (Brooklyn, NY), Brownsville Recreation Center (Brooklyn, NY)

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